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(even if you don't have an Engineering Degree)

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Your Source for Teaching Engineering Literacy

Looking for ideas & inspiration, downloadable teaching resources, or paperback activity books that make great end-of-the-year gifts and prizes? You’ve come to the right place!

Digital Resources

Engaging, no-prep resources for your STEM Club, Makerspace, Project-Based Learning, or Engineering Design and Modeling classes.

Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re looking to teach students to “Draw Like an Engineer” and inspire them to pursue a career in STEM, then you’re in the right place.

STEM Activity Books

Fun STEM activity books contain lots of drawing ideas and writing prompts to help kids think and draw like an engineer! 

Hi, I'm Holly!

I help Middle School teachers (and homeschool parents) like you begin developing Engineering Literacy in their students, even if they’ve never studied engineering themselves. 

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re struggling to incorporate new engineering curriculum goals in a fast-changing environment. 
  • You need to learn new engineering skills before you can teach them.
  • Your students need help with engineering drafting, design and modeling projects.

That’s why I created STEM-Inspirations. To help you get started with fun, no-prep activity books and digital resources that inspire your students and teach real engineering practices.

Practical Ideas You Can Use

4 Brain-Boosting Reasons to Teach Kids Engineering Drawing—And Why Coding for Kids is Not Enough

Many steps in the Engineering Design Process rely on some form of drawing, from labeled sketches to a presentation of the final solution. 

Review and Design Challenge: 3DUX|Design STEAM Activity Play Sets

Try this fun and easy STEAM engineering drawing challenge  that integrates art education with core STEM subjects

My Engineering Draw & Write Journal For Kids

Fun STEM activity book contains lots of drawing ideas and writing prompts to help kids think and draw like an engineer — No Math Required!


What a Wonderful Book! (5 stars)

“I am so glad I got this book! I am a 4th grade teacher at a STEM school, and have been setting up a makerspace in my classroom over the last few years, as funds have allowed. As I was searching for supplies for that makerspace, I came upon this book, and decided on a whim to buy it….I am SO GLAD I got it! 

With the Next Generation Science Standards having engineering design as an integral component of science instruction, this book will prove very valuable! It walks kids through how to design their ideas in a way that is accurate and useful, and it teaches them how to think through that process. 

Modeling is such an important aspect of the engineering design process, and this book will help immensely. It trains kids to do scale models, 3D models, front/side/plan models, cutaway models, and much more, and I can’t wait to start using it with my students. Thank you, Ms. Martin, for producing such a wonderful book!” review of My Engineering Draw & Write Journal For Kids: 48 Fun Drawing and Writing Prompts to Learn about the Engineering Design Process


“Holly is an outstanding science writer, able to translate complex subjects for a broad audience, without ‘dumbing down’ the content.”

~Josh Chamot, The National Science Foundation


Extremely satisfied (5 stars)

I use this resource as an activity for students who finish their graded sketches early in my Design and Modeling class. This gives them something engaging to do, while helping them to practice using the skills that we learn in D&M to sketch objects for production.”


Extremely satisfied (5 stars)

“Great for an intro activity on Isometric drawing. Used for my drafting and design class!”


Extremely satisfied (5 stars)

“Even though this was for younger students it worked well with high schoolers with a few changes.”


Extremely satisfied (5 stars)

“This was literally a life saver for distance learning in the spring. We were able to give students paper packets of things before quarantine happened. Students enjoyed having something on paper to do instead of all of it being digital.”


~Product reviews on the STEM-Inspirations Teachers Pay Teachers shop

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