My Science Draw & Write Journal for Kids: 52 Unique Writing and Drawing Prompts to Help Young Scientists & Engineers Explore the World

Amazing Science Draw & Write Journal with Prompts for Curious Kids!

This 8”x10” softcover science activity book for kids aged 6-11 provides hours of quiet fun.

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Includes 32 unique science & engineering drawing prompts and 20 creative writing prompts with simple experiments.

Great for homeschoolers, primary & elementary classes, after-school care, and STEM and STEAM clubs.

  • Safe, simple science experiments using everyday objects.
  • Encourages development of 3D visualization for future architects and engineers.
  • Trains young minds to observe phenomena and record observations.
  • Promotes independent study.
  • Stimulates imagination & problem solving.
  • Use one a day as a “bell ringer” activity for groups or individuals.

This creativity journal for kids makes science fun! Helps students take ownership of learning and brings back the wonder of discovery.

Supports NGSS science education standards.

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